Coronavirus and Selling in Southern Illinois ... Should I List Now or Wait?

Apr 17, 2019

After a month into Governor Pritzker’s state wide shelter at home order that gave us better communication and education, sellers have eased up on the “no showings” restrictions. Buyers and Realtors are now equipped with masks, gloves and hand sanitizer. Social distancing and the no shake hand shake with a warm smile is the new custom.

Typically the Spring real estate market in Southern Illinois is when there is an abundance of listings as buyers and sellers position themselves for the nicer weather when there are more buyers as well as aligning themselves with the school districts of their choosing. This year is different though .. as of April 15th, there are approximately 300 lower listings on the market then there were in the beginning of December 2019 and approximately 500 listings lower then what is typical for this time of year. If you are a seller, is now a good time to sell?

I'll look at both sides of this question. For one, no matter what the economic circumstance is, having your home priced right will still ultimately determine your selling success. Below shows a current snapshot as of April 17th showing average list price for a few Southern Illinois communities.

With some of the uncertainty in the market and economy, if think you might be wanting to get absolute top dollar for your home, this obviously might not be the market for you. You might be suited to wait. If you want a more detailed analysis...head over to our Market Analysis Form and we can give you a picture of where you might stand.

Even though there has been a significant drop in requests to see property, I am still on track to meet my 2020 production goals. The difference from this time last year and now is that the buyers that are coming to the table are serious buyers not tire kickers. The sellers realize that there are fewer buyers out there and are willing to be more negotiable when there is a nibble on the line. Interest rates are at all time lows and there are people out there looking to take advantage of that.

I can help you safely navigate the current environment with sterile showings and video walkthroughs. There is still a lot of unease for some sellers but I am here to help in any way. Call or text me at 618-867-6414 and lets start the discussion.


  • 189 Listings
  • $148,148.95 Average List Price
  • 180 Average Days on Market
  • 6 New Listings (Past Week)


  • 48 Listings
  • $167,045.60 Average List Price
  • 116 Average Days on Market
  • 7 New Listings (Past Week)


  • 144 Listings
  • $172,417.70 Average List Price
  • 120 Average Days on Market
  • 16 New Listings (Past Week)